Wouldn’t Want This On My Worst Enemy – Mushroom Journey Report #5

A collection of seizures, a reasonably uncommon impact from shrooms however existent none the much less.

Mushrooms (3g) “Wouldn’t Want This On My Worst Enemy” by Will Smith:
Despatched In.

Outro Track : Anuka – Psychedelic Addict




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Wouldn’t Want This On My Worst Enemy – Mushroom Journey Report #5
Wouldn’t Want This On My Worst Enemy – Mushroom Journey Report #5
Wouldn’t Want This On My Worst Enemy – Mushroom Journey Report #5

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  • Another fun fact about my trip: since this experience, I’ve noticed some very apparent changes in my personality/life. I’ve grown an appreciation for nature and being away from technology/man made stuff. I love being around wildlife, doing work outdoors, studying different kinds of plants and animals. Before the trip, I hated the discomfort of being outside and away from my phone and computer. This part of me literally did a 180 turn and I’m so happy it did. My guess is that since I was in my dorm while this happened, it felt like I was trapped in a dull box for lifetimes. So grateful for this horrible, yet amazing experience!

  • Don’t mix stuff.

  • Another reason im on board with theorizing that DMT is likely related or responsible for dreaming, is, how there's a gradient of good trips to bad trips with dmt and dmt-like-compounds such as psilocin: just like dreaming gives a gradient from good dreams to nightmares.

  • I took 2 or 3 grams of shrooms on an empty stomach once and I weighed 135 lbs and lemme tell you one of the craziest trips ever around 3 am I went in my room and literally thought I died and went to hell and that the shrooms killed me that’s why I couldn’t go to sleep and I though I would never be able to fall asleep and then I started seeing all these posts and it pretty much told me that I sold my soul for fame ( I am a musician btw been doing Music since I was 9) and I literally thought it was true. It’s crazy how when you take psychedelics it really alters ur reality and can make you believe things that aren’t true

  • I’ve heard people put strictnine on caps. Watch out for white ‘spores’. please stay safe with the mushroom, they are unpredictable & ruthless.

  • this sounds like the onset of serotonin syndrome. perhaps the mushrooms came in to contact with the LSD your friend had…

  • depends if they dried grams or fresh grams cos im pre sure a mushrooms weight is 91 or 94 – 98% water

  • Pussy

  • 😅😅😅💀💀💀

  • How do you know you're having a siezure tho? I get the alien hand syndrome and your body convulsing sure but seizures..

  • some people want to legalize it and i want to try it but if its that bad than how come already 1 city (Denver) was able to decriminalize it

  • Half the time I watch ur vids I'm tripping g on DPH lol, it literary took me 5 minute to write this

  • what drug was he on? this is def not shrooms

  • This is why you should have tripkillers when you trip.

  • Shrooms are barely even visual even if I eat a half bag, let alone strong enough for a bad trip. Y'all are bitch made

  • This sounds like fake but i guess this is just not the ordinary trip.. which it never is. but this one is different.

    people should not be expecting seizures during a trip but the mushrooms dont give a shit

  • Isn’t it funny how we really do this to ourselves? How much control we really DO have over the trip?
    We can honestly take a bad trip and turn around, laughing at how stupid we are, and how much power we have……99.999% of the time. If not 100. It’s crazy.
    Or we can choose to be in hell. LOL it can be hard, but the mushroom 🍄 is a teacher. And I think that power and control of ourselves and our own will, is one of the absolute biggest lessons of all. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

  • Fresh prince

  • Will Smith lol

  • Great videos man

  • I actually had a shroom trip with a guy who had a seizure (he was on 3.7g of golden teacher with orange juice). Luckily it only lasted 30 seconds and he came out of it with a big smile on his face. Just goes to show that when taking even the smallest amount of a psychedelic, one must always be prepared for anything, even a breakthrough.

  • lol sounds like some crappy shrooms

  • These videos are what keeps me going

  • He is legend

  • Hi, you trip is interesting. In my first trip i had some thinks like yours. Its like be in hell. I took about 3 and 5 grams

  • shrooms are like weed in the sense that some are potent and some aren't. my first trip were from long white stalks with blue caps and were powdery. they literally looked like you would die if you ate them but were amazing. when I did them I always asked if other ppl tried them first cause nobody wants to eat a death mushroom. I've never heard of these symptoms that sucks

  • he was getting jiggy with it.

  • 1:21 what were the shrooms?

  • Wow, Im early

  • Love your vids good work👌

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