Why Bitcoin is Pumping SO FAST!

Why Bitcoin is Pumping SO FAST!

– Twitter/Instagram: @crypto_daily

– Disclaimer: I'm not a monetary adviser and this isn't monetary recommendation.

– #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

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  • A humble correction, to much offer dont represent a increase is totally the other way.

  • i was able to make 20k with Mr Harry winning crypto currency strategy

    And it has been amazing so far.

  • It's all whales pumping it up for another dump. There is no news, no new uses, nobody can buy anything with the shit. It's a pyramid scheme, speculative digital asset.

  • im getting dizzy with all these backgrounds lol..good talk through but backgrounds are killing me

  • If anything ETC classic is the best crypto ATM the low price has more reward than risk. And it looks like is moving upwards along with the rest of the cryptos

  • Bitcoin is pumping fast cause its related to the illuminati 👁. This market doesnt make sense which is why i pulled out of it. I had almost 2 bitcoins at one point but when i seen that mega crash that happened about a year ago i realized i had no idea what was going on with this market. Its clearly controlled by A.I and the disturbing dark web. Its too unpredictable as well. Maybe in 5-7 years it may hit 100k but i still think thats a long shot. You have to be a long long term hodler if you want to see real gains!

  • STFU
    These are just a few wallets making the fomo
    People that want to make money with BTC buy and Hold
    Put a stop loss before sleep and move that up every night when it comes the dump just don't buy in again and go spend your real dollars that have real value because the people saidso

  • Makes it up as he goes along like all of us lol

  • Who knows

  • 💎💎💎💎💎Hello everyone. Theres a real billion dollar project in crypto. Name : LakeDiamond
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  • It is a trap. Buy now and lose money for sure ! Too late to buy

  • 0:20 Alts are mostly down in BTC value! Who TF cares about $?

  • Bitcoin is not immune to the effects of Clown World.

  • tech analysis is bs. period.

  • Omn

    You're all getting played with. It's just a large group of Chinese investors creating hype through big buys. Once they make their money and sell it will sink in hours.

  • McAfee wont have to eat his d***

  • I S

    Bitcoin is owned and promoted by people who want your dollars. The exchanges have crypto. Ask yourself, why are they trading for fiat if its so precious? Its a scam!

  • What a pointless video.

  • Bitcoin is stup

  • Because of the chinese, matter of time chinese pull off the plug and btc will go to 100 dollar or less

  • CD admits hypocrisy, i subb'd…

  • #holochain

  • You better go and buy a spacesuit because bitcoins about to go to the moon.

  • Real bitcoin here https://www.hashleak.io/?r=325696

  • Hey, just saying, in 2016 I took a bit of crypto out which actually got me 10k% of what I've initially invested.. had Ripple grow more than 1000%… Twice!.. and when I had close to $70k, I didn't sell.. because I didn't need the money at that moment, while knowing exactly that its gonna drop by the end of that year.. but I've traded while it was dropping, and now have more than I had b4 I took some crypto out.. If your goal is to take all out . Buy a car and that's it, by all means do it.. but after all massive drops that I've seen not a while after.. well sometimes a little while after it exploded not only past the previous all time high, but 10x that.. when I had 1st BTC @680$.. people literally thought it can't go past 1200 again, what was top b4 the last explosion.. they were wrong.. it went up to 20k. I remember Etherium worth 3.5$, Ripple 0.02$.. had them a bit above that price.. back then people didn't believe ETH going anywhere close to 100$, and well Ripple at that price and the volume, we only dreamed 1$.. now its kinda stable at only 1/3 of that.. and it was 3 and a half times higher than what we were dreaming of.. rofl..

  • its going to go sky high because markets crashing. once it has crashed war comes then lights out. bye bye bitcoin. its so basic. if you cant physically hold it you cant have it. American dollar will be kindling . PMs are the only real currencies. people need to wake up. the most expensive MAGICK trick is about to be performed.

  • The bottom was Dec. 15 2018. Just look at the charts. We are in the bull market. We are currently in the last 3 month of the accumulation stage. After that, we will slowly rise and rise. Then we will boom. Screencap this.

    April 2019 – BTC ~$5300
    July 2019 – BTC ~ $9200
    October 2019 – BTC ~ $16,000
    February 2020 – BTC ~ $29,000
    July 2020 – BTC ~ $56,000
    November 2020 – BTC ~ $87,000

    This will be a 1.5 trillion market cap. The dominance of BTC will only be 40% – 46%

  • bordering 8k

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