The Return of Satoshi Nakamoto

We recap the CG convention and speak concerning the return of Satoshi Nakamoto

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  • Craig Wright fanboy club… a whole lot of silly

  • just log into the Satoshi Nakamoto account and publically post "I am Craig Wright". Do the same with the email addresses. Hell, live stream him logging into the account, looking at post history and make a new public post at the same time. If he wanted to prove he is Satoshi, he could. The problem is, he can't, because he's not.

  • Man, this is great content!

  • I would not be surprised if Craig Wright has something to do with Paul Solotshi being sent to jail ?

  • Satoshi Nakamoto is Paul Solotshi

  • Wrong sorry

  • PS I have a registered letter it's already copyrighting I think your to late buddy. The letter is for proof IAM way ahead of you still.

  • Who ever made this video is an idiot just like craig wright

  • First off you can not register a copyright under an alias at all or fake name copyright laws dont work that way

  • A wasted hour not a shred of evidence was supported or even proved he was satoshi

  • If he cant do that then he is fraud

  • Show the copy of the application that was orginally sent to MIT

  • Ok lets forget about the keys show his name on the copyright

  • Those people do not believe he is satoshi thats a joke MIT holds the name on the open source license when it was submitted

  • He cant prove it in court of law his name is not on the copyright

  • To prove craig wright is not satoshi only the real name could be on the open source license in order to legally say that it was legitimately open sourced

  • Lets suponea the actual MIT application that was submited by the actual creator which is being hidden by MIT

  • If craig wright was satoshi then why dont he show us the proof of copyright on the application submitted to MIT no one can open source with out proof of work his name is not on the copyright

  • If satoshi wanted to be known, he wouldnt have waited till now, satoshi would have came out way before now

  • Are you really blind and believe that he is satoshi, come on, you that believe that are FOOLS

  • BTC and BSV WILL dominate
    From Insider

  • Wow, this is good piece of work. Clunky too at the beginning and throughout, but a good assembly. A good report. Good work 'Bitcoin and Beyond'.
    I've met Craig and had a bit of a one to one moment, and he is genuinely Satoshi Nakamoto, I am sincere about that.

  • It’s scam show

  • "CSW transferred 50k BTC from the biggest BTC wallet to Binance, which confirmed he is the real Satoshi. As such CZ will re-list BSV and make an official apology on Twitter." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • there is theory that Nakamoto has never existed. Just telling I don't believe in it.
    Can't say anything about Craig …

  • Just because people are repulsed by someones personalty, in no way does this mean that person is incapable of dong great things (past or present) for the betterment of mankind!

  • Bitcoin and Beyond, Yes I agree not for you to turn your show into the BSV fan boy hour!
    (not that you have so far, you have done a stellar job, keep up the good work & content here)

  • These people who are so anti & repulsed by even the idea that CSW is Satoshi is the exact same mentality as the Pharisee’s that rebuked Jesus of Nazareth & lobbied Rome to put him to death for claiming to be be the Son of God.
    Don't get me wrong I'am not compering CSW nor Satoshi to Jesus, or of him being a Christ like figure! However, there are some similarities between the two, as to how they are treated and attacked for what they say & do.
    Infact its the same old story.. "The man who tells the truth is universally hated!"…Much like Christ they attack CSW for his personality & claims, therefor he must not be, or could not be Satoshi.
    The fact is, no matter what evidence CSW presents, to the contrary many will simply choose not to see it, or to disregard it & to attack him personally, as so many cannot attack the facts!
    like what happend to Jesus, CSW is damned ethier way, just as the pharisee refused to look at the claims & evidences surrounding Jesus & to completely disregard his message, teachings, technology & ideologies. The same goes for anyone promoting this, so often they will be ridiculed & ostracised by most in the community, who simply do not know any better themselves but to parrot what their leaders are saying.
    Imo, The establishment does not want CSW to be Satoshi as this is a threat to them & many of these attacks are created & come from the top down – even though they may seem organic coming from within the so called 'crypto community'!

  • Bitcoin and Beyond, Block stream owns & operates about 95% or more of BTC current 'centralised' nodes! This is another reason as to why I agree with CSW's positions about only miners running nodes! Bitcoin is not altruistic so there is only really a few reason as to why someone or an organisation would want to run bitcoin nodes:
    (1)The novelty reason etc of running a single node and for educational purpose etc.
    (2) An entity or organisation (blockstream) want to control & be responsible for the network.
    (3) A miner, as its in there best interest to have those nodes up & running just as there miners are running! After all the less nodes running around the world, the less network connection & validation = less transactions to be processed & ledger updated by the miners = less profitability for the miners.
    ..The question is, how many node or nodes per miner hashing power..?

  • Use to take paid calls.

    It’s an iPhone/android app with video calling paid in ether token that you can convert to BSV

    I’ll cal you on it

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