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  • when i was young i buyed 200 bitcoin but how to sell?

  • I cannot send…or even scan from my wallet!!!. Why can't I remove my BTC! !!!!

  • That was fast!!!

  • Hi πŸ™‹ can anybody answer have we got to do kyc on this wallet going forward ? Just interesting to know with all theses regulations in this space . Cheers

  • For sure it's fast nobody are using it . and the price of BCH is so low that the fee too….useless coin will disappear soon…matter of time…

  • doesnt support BSV, so wont use it.

  • the t shirt never comes


    Good Luck.

    Joakim Holmer

  • Can someone explain to me how Bitcoin Cash is supposed to be the best crypto. From what I understand it can only handle around 116 transactions per second. Now while that is faster that Bitcoin main network how is it supposed to become a payment mechanism when Visa can do 1700 to millions per second?

  • hm… how long till Roger has to change the name of his BCH coin, because now Bitcoin creator, Craig Wright, has that Copyright of Bitcoin White Paper and the code.
    Take a wild guess what will come in the future… can you see it? I think I can… if you can't, you need to work on your logic and common sense.
    PS: Like Craig said… you don't take down a Gorilla by kicking him in the nuts. You take that approach, Gorilla is going to f*ck you up.

  • WOW! BSV came back to life- trading at over $100! News is Craig Wright just received the U.S. Copyright for Bitcoin. Does this mean they have a chance to take the King of Bitcoin?? Whatcha gonna do about it Roger Ver?

  • pff this was supposed to be what bitcoin should have been like thank u roger ver for not being as greedy as those fuckers

  • Cool but is it cash shuffle though??

  • How much was the fee though

  • Amazing. You're my favorite person.

  • Excellent news! Woooh! πŸ–•πŸ–•TY Roger xx

  • Ok i will suport u boss…. From indonesia

  • Need to compete with the convenience of NFC/RFID cards. The qr scan process is clumsy by comparison.

  • WOW! Fast as lightning, and faster than Lightning πŸ˜‰

  • Great improvement. BCHForEveryone

  • I can't wait for the day when this has a larger market cap then BTC

  • Great to see! I remember pitching people on Bitcoin by showing them how fast and cheap it was. Can't do that anymore with BTC Bitcoin, so it's great to see it again with Bitcoin Cash.

  • This all without running a complicated full node, this is what I call adoption. Congratulations BCH community 😎

  • aswesome!! bch babyyy you gonna be the best medium of exchange!!

  • Nice one Roger!

  • Smashed the like!

  • Go BCH ABC πŸ€—

  • i wouldnt expect less from my wallet.

  • Good shit, Roger.

  • BCH: kicking ass and taking names. πŸ‘

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