Ripple XRP: New xRapid Service Launched by SendFriend / Ripple

A brand new xRapid service has been launched by SendFriend and Ripple to ship funds from New Jersey to the Philippines. SendFriends xRapid powered cost system saves 60% over conventional settlement companies.

Ripple And SendFriend Makes It Simpler To Ship Cash For Filipinos

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  • Is Garlinghouse single? 😉

  • Excellent. The price will drop to 31 cents again i expect.

  • Not everyone Jungle only 1% of the population even knows what XRP is

  • Why didn't you buy BTC a few months ago for 3K now liquidate and buy XRP? XRP really hasn't made a move in a Year. When the price does go up will only for a minute until the other 50 Billion gets released. XRP is a long term play not like BTC or alt coins where investment gratification is almost constant. I do not know why XRP could not be the KING of coins if it is Designed as THE settlement coin that will settle all other Remittance and all alt coins eventually.

  • NEVER is the worst time to buy!!😎🤘❤

  • Kev

    Stopped watching and gave a thumbs down when you said "ripple Riddler"
    Will unsubscribe next time

  • Hi all. Utility is no longer over the horizon. It's right in front of us. Enjoy the ride.

  • Well done Jungle- as for Forbes; they are slowly losing all credibility.

  • Nothing will happen with xrp… They will be left behind. Again..

  • Garlinghouse said he was long on bitcoin on tv before (to Corey Johnson for example). Mainstream journalism these days doesn't cut it though, we all know that.

  • you must be gay having half naked men in your vlogs. Maybe show us your face dude don't be like the bearabull guy talking it up with all these predictions cos no one will believe him.

  • This is xrp….👞💥swift⚫️

  • Great video once again brother.. Keep'em coming.. The future is bright.

  • Yet XRP is a joke compaired to Bitcoin that keeps on riseing higher and higher whilst XRP remains stable rofl.

  • I hope XRP goes down again do I can fill my bags even more. We’ll see real gains when we get SEC clarity & more institutional use

  • What evidence of the use of xrapid??? Wheres the volume, so far nothing more than hot air, price is still sub .50.

  • Whaaaaaat? No sunshine and rainbows, melk and cookies ahead? Oh wait ,we didn't get that either the last two years. 😞 😬😀
    But utility driven price will come for sure!

    Something to seriously consider about the mentioned interview:
    I understand why Brad Garlinghouse mentions being long on Bitcoin but this is taking away the attention and momentum from his own company, products and XRP imho.
    You're there to promote Ripple, its products and crypto XRP, would not give to much glory to another coin that a large majority in the world only know when they hear crypto and blockchain.
    For those that's the – only – thing that sticks afterwards: some ceo of another coin is also into Bitcoin …
    Not so good I'd say!

    My 2 cents @Brad, we can call later on if you'd like.

  • There is no evidence the use of XRAPID. No significant movement in XRP ledger. Another HYPE of Ripple, #XRPCommunity #XRPArmy, XRP Hype con artist.

  • Everyone will be millionaires , what would be the fun in that ???? well let me tell you how much fun that would be LOL

  • what is up good people

  • I'm really pleased and relaxed where xrp is heading. I've invested x amount money in April and so far I around 40% profit and certain it will grow steady up by time. Also investing every month since 2018 and holding.. My goal is 2026 when I will be 50 year old and quiting my daily job investing real estate and hodl 10% of my xrp bag.. Build up people xrp will grow huge!

  • Brad said long Bitcoin 18 months ago

  • Mati Greenspan started this shit about BG doing a 360

  • yo jungle.!!! u said “kiss the ring “ made me laff hard then .!!! uk 🇬🇧 spaggetti junction massive!!!

  • XRP will change lives this year and in 2020!

  • 65 million XRP added to the Current Circulating supply they are keeping the price suppressed?? check it out

  • 100k xrp will be life changing in a few months

  • Still holding half of what I use to of this shitcoin they call XRP now. After I sold off 50% only a few months back my BTC count has doubled and Shitcoin XRP has lost half its BTC value. I’ll give shitcoin XRP until September as I promised I would but if there’s no change or a continuation of loss. Never again. Sooo many better alts then this shitshow

  • Ain’t no XRP bullrun. Not sure what you’re talking about. Why do you guys think that because XRP exploded up and then imploded down… ONE TIME… that because of that 30 days of up/down that XRP is about to “moon”??!?!

    That’s stupid. Honestly, and it’s the worst kind of psychology. You guys all suffer the sunk cost fallacy and confirmation bias.

    You guys need to wake up. The past isn’t indicative of future performance.

    Jungle, you just seem kind of blind and silly. You’re fun to listen to, but it’s just sad at a point when you guys all say, “any moment now… last and fast…” and all the other bullshit phrases you guys coin to explain failure.

    Being blissfully ignorant… is still ignorant.

  • 🍻

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