Ripple XRP: MoneyGram CEO Confirms Moon is Imminent

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  • all thanks to vastrangelinks/com they got me 10,000$ hack transfer

  • You know ripple paid about 40 million to moneygram so that they use their product. The winner here is moneygram not ripple or xrp. Just food for thought.

  • The amount of delusional XRP fuckheads is so outstanding. Either people are THAT stupid and THAT desperate or ripple has an army of shills. If this is true I am whole heartedly regretting my investment.

    If this coin gets to $50 in 20 years we will be lucky. Quit that bullshit about 10000 in 2020. Its driving my nerves through the roof and all it does is make you look like a moronic child that shouldnt be investing to begin with.

  • I been seeing "moon video" for past 2+ years, starting to think these guys are idiots….

  • I think 95 percent of people tend to forget that xrp was at 0.006 Dollar back in 2017

    Getting rich quick try your luck in the lottery
    If you are not patient enough to wait 3 years then your not worthy of being rich.

    Just keep those xrp and learn a language while Höfling instead of complaining every 3 days and you will be even richer

  • I don't think people really got the grasps of what Ripple did here.. Ripple pulled the Verge move, but didn't really hyped it like Verge did in the past with pornhub and therefore the price of XRP didn't really do shit, while as the MoneyGram stock boomed quite nicely. Sure this was more in a larger scale of 50 mil dollars compare to the 2 million VGX, but the result spoke for itself. I don't think time is going to help this push to use the XRP token and its price and I think XRP's price will just naturally grow over time because Bitcoin and Eth's price is growing as well.

  • LOL MG is old news what a load of old crap, we have phone wallets peer to peer, lightning network , this lot are 10 years behind the Litecoin. xrpoo haha

  • All you Xrp idiots talk talk.. let’s see the action.. nobody finds you idiots credible

  • Yeah money gram is smart because money gram dig themselves in a big hole.. fuck all you big banks or remittances companies.. I hope scam Xrp ripple fails badly..

  • how much xrp does everyone have?

  • I inadvertently started dancing on the tangible way quote.. then you hit us with it 3 times. Noice

  • Another useful XRP channel is the following but it is NOT technical and as a consequence makes frequent errors in assessing network features. The site believes that RippleNet is not a bankers network. Wrong.

  • I think the market was just waiting for me to put my XRP on my Ledger Nano – sorry guys, I should have done it sooner.

  • Yep, there you go—bitcoin goes over $10,000 & all the other coins on coinbase are rising EXCEPT, yeah you guessed it, "XRP". Folks, I m beginning to believe we are apart of the greatest scam in internet history. These coins are regulated & manipulated. Common ordinary folks like you & I will never be allowed to inheirit these millionaires possessions. Just my opinion.

  • Watch this as well great podcast with Caitlin Long…

  • Im fully loaded xrp😎

  • No doubts

  • WU will be signing very soon.
    They know they have procrastinated

  • xrp aint moving at all, and its pissing me off

  • 🌕

  • Ripple basically paid Moneygram to let them test out XRP on the moneygram network. It was a loan to a dying company. Ripple is pandering to a loser company. This so called partnership is pathetic. Ripple couldn't find one legit bank to test out XRP. Zero confidence in this company now. Dump it and unsubscribe from all Youtube Ripple channels.

  • Great move Western Union.This might eclipse your genius move of taking a pass on the telephone. Time will tell.

  • The genie is out from the bottle, all resistance will be overwhelmed….

  • 💪🤩🇸🇪🇹🇭

  • Amazing news but I’ve yet to have anyone answer this question

    How can the price increase if the transaction is settled within seconds. USD — XRP —EUROS. Although they buy the xrp, they also sell it. I hope someone can answer this because I feel like massive amounts of volume won’t matter especially when these institutions won’t even be buying from exchanges

  • Will 20000 xrp be life changing?

  • You can buy stocks with unsettled funds, you can't sell the stock you bought with unsettled funds until the funds settle. T2 rule.

  • LMFAO, XRP is shit!! as is BTC, all these media touted cryptos will fail, the ones nobody is talking about will win in the end!!

  • So when does Money Gram actually start processing its payments through x rapid?
    It’s strange we haven’t heard anyone address this

  • T F

    I'm a XRP addict.. I can't stop buying XRP 😉

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