Ripple XRP Asia Has Greatest Urge for food for XRP xRapid

XRP Ripple’s choices, akin to xRapid, have been doing extraordinarily properly in Asia. Every month brings a couple of extra banks into their community, akin to Banco Santander and Saudi Arabia’s Nationwide Industrial Financial institution.
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  • I live in Singapore. Still paying swift 30$ to send money home. Come on Brad. “. If xrapid is live bring it to Singapore 🇸🇬

  • 120 $ till end of 2019?
    Is somebody shiting in your brain, or you did some drugs?😂😂😂

  • Why would you want it to spike in Dec.? I guess you already have a HUGE bag, huh? If you don't then you should be hoping and praying it stays down so you can buy more with each paycheck..building those stacks.

  • Quote – Ping Boy 87 @3.28 mins

    "Guys its a long term investment and a long term investment is not 3 months, 3 days or 3 weeks, its till 5 years. I will say 3, even actually 5 to 10 years but 10 years for me personal… its too long but 5 years, its ok".

    LMAO, Pure Gold!

  • It seems like now; the company is focusing on the other geographies as well. The question is whether the next growth for ripple (XRP) will be from Asia?

  • if ripple has partnership with money gram, money gram i think is partnership with m lhuillier. m lhuillier big here Philippines on money transfer

  • You sound like Mad Scientist! Very funny! You say some funny things too. You definitely stand out from the rest! Very entertaining, with good info!

  • 2019 will be silver for XRP owners. 2020 gold.
    Crypto Cunt has spoken.

  • Hi Ping Boy… Thanks for update.. One little piece if advice.. Or suggestion.. Stop using coinmarketcap …they're against XRP .. Try livecoinwatch instead .. Thanks 👌👍

  • Ping boy for xrp community president!
    Thanks for the video mr.president!

  • Gru??

  • Best vid of the day!

  • Oops let me correct.. Ping Boy..thank you!!!

  • And I am sure David S was being very conservative with his $120 can imagine. Hey thank you Ping Pong..for another encouraging video !!!

  • You cant imagn how much I love your voice!!!)

  • Bearably containing myself 🐨 You Rock PingBoy 🙏🏾

  • Tommy Tutone predicted the XRP price. If you decipher “5309” it’s 5, 5+3, and 0+9, which is “589”. Okay, you say, what does 867 have to do with it? If you add 8 6 7 5 3 0 9 it comes to 38. The song was a hit in 1981, so add 38 years and you get 2019. Okay, I’m with you, you say, but what about the month? Well, Jenny is slang for Janny, short for January. Thus, $589 in January 2019. I can’t pin in to the exact day, because that would be ridiculous.

  • Ping Boy is PURE gold for the xrp community

  • Fyi Can anyone imagine if this 2.6 Billion XRP orders is done thru OPEN MARKET not Over the counter or OTC ?…. imho $XRP price will jump from current price to $334 in one huge trade @susietrader

  • $15 is coming for Christmas 😉

  • Positive news all the time but still no moon in sight.

  • XRP $3 EOY

  • First. Xrp moon !

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