Take heed to your dad and mom.

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  • im 13 year old
    but i have my own card xd

  • Grabs mom's credit card meet the spy song plays

  • How is called the first video in the background

  • What if we're orphans?

  • I remember this one time back in 2014 where I was on my Xbox 360 and I really wanted to buy this game that was like 40 bucks. I was only 11 so I thought I was sneaky and bought it anyway even after my mom said no because it was a rated M game. Well, that backfired. As soon as my mom got home from work she said she had been charged $39.99 for a game. So I got my Xbox taken away from me for the rest of the weekend and had to pay her back the money. I learned my lesson after that. XD

  • I lost my debit card

  • Write + or –

  • Guys should WRATH react to this?

  • B R U H

  • I can't donate but I'm working on cool intro for you

  • The influence of fortnite has gotten out of control

  • Also Wrath please react to MMPH the way you MMPH by Dunk Movies Link:

  • Important video for kids just because your on youtube or have techology now doesn't give u the freedom to use other's money especially your parents. Im 20 so im good

  • Donating intentifies

  • React to mentally defective sniper on serious cocaine addictions.

  • me no take credit card me take cash pls insert cash now and must wrath answer

  • Oh my God team experience in the background I asked you to react to that but now I guess not anymore so another one if my dreams crushed (my life is horrible) so can you please react to spawn sfm it is an amazing sfm and if you want to there is another one called respawn sfm and trust me I would give you money if I could but I have the same problem as the kid in this video so I can't give you any money but I swear to Christ as soon as I am set up to be the winglets patreon I will go to yours because you are my second favourite youtuber ever (please respond this took 10 minutes to write)

  • i wish i could donate to you but until then keep up the good work

  • Dont use ypur parents money without permission. Good for me because i have my own credit card

  • Please do a play through of monster hunter world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Sneak: 100

  • React to “Suction Cup Man 1-2”

  • Gets mom's credit card sneakily

  • Bot tryna be rude, but seems like the same kid to spend 100 dollars on vbucks

  • Me before : takes credit card and donate

    Me after : Mom can i take your credit card

    Mom: …

    Me after : it wasn't a no soo…

  • Do 10 stages of a sniper main

  • Great information and explaining to young people. Every child here should watch this. Adults are adults, children are children. We are other people here. I hope many young people will learn this lesson.

  • SFL


  • oof

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