Crypto Pullback, Litecoin and Bitcoin Charts, Etherum FUD

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  • Gooood mowniiiin evwybooody, Btc up $230 BCH up $114 Eth up $24 Ltc up 1Cent lol πŸ˜†

  • Hey Tyler why are you focusing just on the big ones ? Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum I don't think they could possibly go wrong, but at the same time if you don't risk you don't win. What about small market cap coin ? Is there anyone you found interesting ? My personal picks are Bitcore, DeepOnion, ePRX and AChain, do you know some of them ? What are your thoughts ? Thanks mate for your video anyway, thumbs up !

  • Thanks for the great video, I sold my Litecoin in a good price. I'm planning to buy the dip this coming month.I recently moved to privacy coins and accumulate more on Deep0nion, PIVX, and Spectre. Investors nowadays keep an eye into privacy coins especially the coins with the highest potential. I want to know your long-term perspective about those coins Tyler S. Looking forward to your upcoming videos.

  • Hello Tyler, good video, and I am subscribed here already! Interesting to see that ETH is not private and now SEC wants to controls it? when they don't know and don't use cryptos? would you make a video about privacy-oriented cryptos like Dash, Monero or DeepOnion?

  • So far I'm happy with LTC's movement. I'm also expecting DeepOnion to gain traction too.

  • Another classic pump & dump over at Binance with their listing Bytecoin scam. Poloniex $.012 Binance $.17 Temporarily destroying the market market everywhere because it is pulling fiat out of the system. HUGE orchestrated SCAM!

  • Things are doing better than I thought they were when BTC when just under $9k.

  • Thanks Tyler. Great update!!-Sam

  • Ric Flair drip go whooo on the dip

  • Hey Tyler so I got a plan let's all buy Btrash I mean πŸ’΅ Bcash πŸ’΅ and just forget about LTC to mooning to $1000 then wake me up from that nightmare!! LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

  • Litecoin price pullback Hoping it dips a bit more in the next 24hrs so that ill buy some more.

  • LTC is sitting at $165.68 as I type this. I'm happy! Thanks Tyler!!

  • Now is the time to buy!!! <3

  • When 🐎

  • Hey Ty, I sat and watched the buy orders coming in this morning for hours on end. There was a shit-ton of buying at the $163 level. It went crazy! Those king of investors DON’T lose money, whether its exchanges or new money investors. They all have the dough to short above $163… but we’ll see how it all plays outπŸ˜ƒ

  • I still miss the floating head.

  • Hi Tyler… hope you're well. Great video. Keep kicking goals mate. Andre.

  • Nice One Ty. (is LTC building a launch pad for May/June Moon mission?) Thanks G

  • Thanks Tyler

  • g s

    I'm bullish AF on bitcoin and Litecoin. Also following some small cap alts with great potential. Would love to hear your opinion/prediction on DeepOnion. Currently far from ATH. Not pumped yet and it formed a very stable support at about $2.

  • It hit $158 last night. Waiting to buy at $155

  • mohalo brah

  • I Agree, we need to get to over $500 Billion market cap! Once we get there I think we will have another nice run! Great video Tyler keep them coming!!!

  • Great video as always! The MACD on the weekly is due a cross on eth, LTC, BTC …. if we get there then these are going to moon for a few weeks at least imo…and good alts like DeepOnion, Lisk or Qtum should follow them!

  • In this market selling at profit and then buying back in at right time is very risky business….i urge all ltc owners to HODL so you don't screw up and lose your soon to be $1000 plus litecoins…

  • $256 next

  • Litecoin is closing the marginal percentage of btc… this is a very important factor to crypto analysis for precursor inclination successor…. Good vid.

  • i'm bullish af on LTC

  • This pullback was artificially caused by fake news reports regarding the SEC.

  • Tyler has a Tatoo! What a gangster.

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