Bitcoin Manipulated? Faux Buying and selling Volumes and Chilly Pockets evaluation

Dmytro Budorin (Hacken, Crypto Change Ranks) will current his findings on pretend buying and selling volumes and his tackle the bear market. We are going to take a look at which exchanges have probably the most transparency when it comes to chilly wallets, exchanges with pretend volumes and the way we will enhance the scenario.
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I am not an expert monetary adviser and it is best to at all times do your individual analysis. I could maintain the cryptocurrencies talked about within the video.

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  • go look for Celente Branson on youtube, he is crypto king. Love his stuff, very accurate.

  • i came from crypto daily livestream, watched 2 videos and i already found really juicy exclusive info/content, so thank you for that. Still i would prefer smaller videos maybe cut most important parts from the livestream

  • Hey Michael, great interview, great topic. You’re doing this good 👍
    I like your approach towards your mistakes in the past and that you let the people learn from your mistakes. The lives will get better each time you’re doing it. All the best!

  • 39:30 my favorite part

  • Lou

    there are very very many "eeh,.. eeh" from him which prevented me from keeping track after 6 minutes – i rewatched so many times i just can't follow what ever plot he is talking about – will you upload a more compressed video where the relevant parts are cutted together so it has more value for the viewers? The title is a yes/no question and it seems impossible to find out the answer by only the video

  • "He's looking up and to the right…. you know that that means?" "Uhhh, there's a girl with great legs and a short dress going up the stairs?"

  • probably bitcoin price was also inflated by fake volume etc… prepare for more crash. Bitcoin real price must be sitting around 1500 dollars.

  • Hi, this EP is one of the best EP in your channel . I learn a lot and tks you.

  • Can someone please summarize the video?

  • Great interview. I love content like this.

  • Great info

  • Really like to thank Dmytro for coming and sharing something that is often avoided by mainstream media. Exchange research is extremely difficult, we get fed only data they want to provide – making verification nearly impossible.

  • Great interview, thanks! however, it's hard to listen to a conversation with the use the word "Like" soooooo many times.

  • Thank you boxmining great interview. The best info I find is here on your channel.

  • LOL Why asking if Bitcoin is manipuklated ??? all the crypto market ( as stock market commodities bunds etc ) are MANIPULATED Just some Big Whales control ALL markets it s bad bargain market !

  • great interview! thank you both

  • --

    So why are we using this system when then miners can control the price?

  • Thank you for these insights and analysis, great work, please keep doing great job!

  • Seeing chat on the main screen is very distracting and unnecessary, imo plus they are just chatting and BS'ing each other .Please do not repeat Otherwise great content! after 15 min i had to shut off Showing chat Bad

  • Hey Michael great interview! You seem a lot more relaxed in this video too! Much better! Good work man ❤️

  • eMp Ty GOX

  • all the best guys thanx lot

  • Please don't share this with the SEC 🙉

  • bitcoin will take over bois you better watch

  • Great vid Michael! Everything discussed is absolutely possible, very likely happening, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what’s causing the price moves. This is one of the best and most valuable vids I’ve seen from you man! Please follow up on this topic for sure!

  • Great interview, a must view. We are going through a painful, but much needed cleanup phase. And for the gazillionth time, do not store your cryptos on exchanges!! Once we are through this painful phase, moon time. Btw, imagine the first person to transfer bitcoin from Earth to Mars (once Elon gets people up there.) Blows my mind. Beware: unlikely that transfers of gold or cash will work for Mars.

  • Great interview. I love the research outside of typical mainstream garbage. This is great

  • I dig the Hacken project

  • Eye opening

  • Do you all realize that MT GOX stands for Magic The Gathering Exchange? You were trading crypto on a card site. Let's let that sink in

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