Bitcoin BROKE $6K! NEXT TARGET PRICE?! – LIVE Crypto Buying and selling Evaluation & BTC Cryptocurrency Information 2019

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The Bitcoin (BTC) worth broke $6K! What is the subsequent goal, in my view?! Let's talk about this stay as we speak and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling technical evaluation (TA) + present 2019 market information and worth motion + prediction on cryptos in as we speak's video/stay stream!

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Disclaimer: The content material lined on this video/stay stream is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are solely my very own private opinions, concepts, charts, technical evaluation (TA), insights, curated information publications and worth prediction(s) for 2019 and past. At all times do your personal analysis and solely make investments solely based mostly by yourself findings and private judgement. Buying and selling and/or investing in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or another kind of cryptocurrency or altcoin is extraordinarily excessive threat and the market + worth of any asset can crash at any time! Cryptos are extremely unstable! You need to all the time seek the advice of with knowledgeable monetary adviser earlier than investing or buying and selling any asset/commodity/and so forth. This video/stay stream is solely for leisure functions solely! —

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  • ****************************

  • 8000 2 days

  • "I'm staying neutral" "this is manipulative, probably going down"

  • Major FUD

  • Thank you K

  • I am the Captain of the Moon Boys, we have our eyes on you Kirby, too the moonnnnn. Lol

  • FOMO lol

  • Da FOMO is thiiiiiiiiiiiiick! Don't get rekt

  • Ur spot on Kirby, James and joe gonna get rekt! Monthly candle gonna end red!

  • Chico crypto has the insider whale tape!

  • I happy because I'm not drinking bear boys tears.

  • Hi. I have a question. I want to start trading again but bitcoin price went up to 6K level now. I was thinking to get in on price 5,2K but I didn't. What other option do I have to get in trading? We have BTC, ETH, BNB for trading pairs. Should I buy bitcoin today or wait for 2-3 weeks for a price correction? Because pull market is not going up straight line. Or buy some other traiding base currency? I have been waiting for a month now to get in… was I stupid for waiting price correction?

  • Moon boy kirby 😂

  • hm.. everyone thinks it will dump at 6.1-6.3k resistance, it will likely do the opposite lmao .. weeeee'reeee goiiniggg to the mooooooon kirby

  • Love your theory on tether, I think it makes a lot of sense. If this thing blows up, we're going straight to 1k. And since Bitfinex is very reluctant to disclose any tether deal documents, you can worry for sure.

  • I like the theory you have prepared

  • Binance is for rooks…

  • 5:05 "Pink Box of Rejection" ohhh Kirby, we know that story well.

  • Very good

  • I think the game is changing. All the retail traders were washed out in the bear market, those that stayed in were waiting for new lows to buy back in. I think you are right on the super candle but I’ll add to that buy saying the google trends don’t match price action. I think we are seeing institutional blended buys on the exchanges now, they are vacuuming up all the OTC and now they need more. This may skyrocket soon and be the last time the common man can buy a full bitcoin. imho

  • _

    Are you beating the table after snapping your fingers or what sound is that?

  • N C

    Hello, i would like to know if the bitcoin become regulated, is that will decrease the volatility ? what will be the consequences ? thanks you

  • Wow great theory makes so much sense

  • Couldn’t this just be a classic sign of disbelief?

  • Is it good time to buy some more BTC or it will drop ? What's your thoughts ?

  • with 7017 btc floating around the dip is going to be olimpic. 3000 usd move


  • it could also be that bitfinex knew about the investigation coming, and bought all the bitcoins available for sale with tether and then cash it in in coinbase, leaving their costumers holding tether. Once the news came out, then it just forced costumers buying coins at any cost just to leave bitfinex.

  • Great stuff as always Kirbs. I originally composed a rather long response but decided to whittle it down and keep it (relatively) brief. I am very uncomfortable with certain signs such as the continuing BTC premium on bitfinex. Usually such a substantial premium would be evened out pretty quickly through arbitrage but the premium persists, which is eerily reminiscent of Mt Gox towards the end and we all know how that ended. This is not a healthy sign for the market. Let’s not sugar coat this – the fact is that bitfinex is haemorrhaging crypto off the exchange at present and this is also not a healthy sign for the market. That another major exchange (which incidentally I happen to be a big fan of) has frozen deposits and withdrawals at present, whatever the reason and even if funds are safe (as I believe they are) is also not exactly a healthy sign for the market. These confluences may not be on the same relative scale as Mt Gox was at that time as the market has matured and grown considerably since then, but it is certainly not healthy is it? Nor are various other factors you have talked about at length and which I won’t list again and yet BTC continues to defy all these warning signs and to continue to break new yearly highs, shrugging off all this potentially devastating news in record time like it was nothing and mysteriously smashing through the expected resistance levels each and every time. I agree perhaps it doesn’t matter why. If it’s bullish let’s play it as bullish and if it’s bearish let’s play it as bearish. But I guess we also need to be cautious and sceptical as always and to exercise proper bank roll management and use appropriate stop losses whilst we get this crypto, because despite all the gains something isn’t quite healthy about this market at present.

  • Thanks Kirby for the update. Get Rekt!!

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