Bitcoin Ben: BAKKT launching could have an even bigger have an effect on on value than BTC halving! Right here’s why! 😁👍🏻

#BAKKT launching could have an even bigger have an effect on on value than #BTC halving!


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  • U buy benz truck once btc hit Ath 80000$
    And must have a beerwith me 😋

  • Sharpen your swords crypto warriors. We are about engage in war with the old system as it trys to take position in the crypto markets. Banks are turning into starbucks wealth center where you can meet with your private banker or wealth manager. cryptos will be spendable where ever M/C and Visa are accepted. Bibox Lite coin

  • careful Be that might have been a trick ? in super chat asking for investment advice. (license)
    watch Dan Powell FBI

  • You are so funny I want truck In next year jus saying..

  • Dan

    more trust fund babies.. great stuff!

  • its on like donkey kong you most def get a like for that thats old school.

  • Didn’t your “guy” tell you that bec was going to 10k last weekend or the weekend before ?

  • I believe this guy more than a Business Professor with 3 PhDs. When people are too polished and articulate they are trying to hide something. They are trying to hide the fact that they don’t know what they are talking about. This guy is RAW but honest and did his homework. Your decision should be based on what is being said, not how it is being said…

  • Love You Ben!

  • Playback Speed: 2 ✔ good luck all

  • Bitcoin Ben: I have a guy that knows a guy that has a guy.

    So in other words, we know just as much as you do.

  • You're right, Ben. This is huge. Get ready everyone.

  • Great video mate. Best yet motherplucker 🙂

  • You are awesome! Keep it up!
    “Were the last of the MoHodlers” !!!! The best! You outta protect that word… lol

  • Screw the speech impediment! I know a smart guy when I hear one. Thanks, from an XRP guy!

  • Great Advise, don't sell the News…Buy It…

  • Cryptos need to be more accessible for average person.

  • pgg

    My plan is to live comfortably, with a bit of luxury (nice condo next to the ocean), but pay off my 2 nephews houses and make sure their kids get educated (not instructed)

  • What amount of top 10 coins would be consider enough accumulated to be generation wealth change

  • Ben, I'm with Bix on Bakkt. They're the whales, and the last thing we need is a BIG corp getting in the "Futures" (rigging) crypto market, which is all Bakkt is! Remember, "they" don't like DeCentralized ANYTHING! So again, it will only be good for the riggers, not for the People! Yes, it probably will have a bigger affect on crypto prices than the halving will….but Bakkt will have a negative affect, cancelling out the positive halving affect!

  • Im buying xrp when it hits 0.006

  • I bought ltc at 67, 56, 33, 28, 23. I sold 10.3 ltc at 130. I will put the profits back into ltc after the halving because it will go down( I hope that I’m wrong) hopefully it will drop to 60-80 ltc. I’m currently holding 20 ltc right now.

  • They are creating the system ! You’re right Ben !! Great content

  • Thank you for your input and encouragement that we will be rewarded for our patience. Have bags of all sorts of cryptos. Some are definitely dead. Others hopeful. Haven’t sold any just holding but altcoins have taken such a beating. Have no idea how high these will run in the next run. But will be sure not to make same mistake twice like last time and not sell any.

  • Ben, do you think the recent surge in price we've seen is the market pricing in the launch of Bakkt?

  • Thank you Ben.

  • Sounds like Freedom to me… 🙂

  • Physical Bitcoin!?

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