Before you purchase this Bitcoin Dip- Watch this!

CNBC Cryptotrader brings you all of the Crypto information you have to commerce this dip.

It is a small dip earlier than the subsequent up swing.

Maintain on tight!

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  • CNBC?? Your show doesnt look serious with those cartoons

  • Before you buy bitcoin at this dip watch this movie so I can buy bitcoin before you . While you watch this


  • most stupid and useless guy on the internet

  • Bitcoin SV is going to $100,000, Keiser, you fuck wit. You are scamming the world.

  •    Compare these 3 Charts
    BTC current Daily chart,
    BTC 2012 FEB to July 2012,
    XA-GOLD 2019 Daily chart

    Also check XRPBTC daily chart @ Poloniex, you will see a consistent XRP 273 DAY CYCLE.

    New XRP Cycle starts around 03 June 2019. Within 10 days of new cycle XRP has consistently MOOOOONED over the last 2 Cycles. XRP to $1 by 15 June 2019.

    Sideways until ………..xMonth 2019 where we will see new ALL TIME HIGHS

    FYI –  XRP Presented to Central Bankers, IMF. SOUTH AFRICAN DIGITAL CURRENCY on the cards. South African Central Bank Chief attended the Swiss Bank Conference where Brad Garlinghouse presented XRP as the TOOL OF CHOICE for International Settlements

    Not financial advise, my humble opinions derived from info in public domain

  • Warning….A study was conducted last month in Colorado university where students were asked to choose to between one dollar or one bitcoin. 90% chose one dollar over bitcoin. This stunned the researchers

  • Music name?

  • 7:38 no lie

  • Bitfinex had been the price setter for bitcoin from which all the exchanges in the world look for price reference. But since the saga of tether issue with Bitfinex, leading exchanges like Bitstamp, coinbase look to Bitmex for price setting knowingly Bitmex is unregulated with no KYC.

  • Anyone With 100 Accounts Can Spoof Millions of Fake Orders on BitMEX “For Basically Nothing”, According to New Report

    BitMEX is more prone to price manipulation than other exchanges, according to a new report online. The popular cryptocurrency exchange reportedly facilitates “spoofing” – the practice of posting orders to an exchange’s order book without intending to fill them.

    The report was shared online by Bitfinex’ed earlier today. Bitfinex’ed posted a video showing a BitMEX trader with dozens of accounts placing over $70 million of spoof orders.

    Bitfinex’ed argues that anyone with an army of bots can manipulate the price on BitMEX.

    Typically, other exchanges prevent this by requiring users to complete KYC verification. BitMEX, however, does not require KYC verification: they just require a username and verified email address. This makes it easy for spammers and scammers to post virtually limitless spoof orders onto the orderbook, thereby manipulating the price.

  • Most people were caught unaware by the rapid increase in price of bitcoin even with everyone expecting a bull run and we are still at the brink of the bull run and more will be because despite the current fight to hold $8000 resistance bitcoin will keep increasing in price. This is not really the time to use the dollar cost averaging strategy as there is really not much time left before bitcoin becomes too expensive for most people. I believe bitcoin will see at least $20,000 in the next few months, and before then I would already be hodling enough bitcoin to finally say I have achieved my lifelong dream of financial freedom. I was previously a hodler but now I tend to take full advantage of the bull run so I am currently expanding what I held by trading with signals from Gérard Barrientos and then putting my gains into buying more bitcoins. Using this method, I have accumulated over 18 btc in just a couple of months. Speaking about Gérard he has the most accurate signals and trade strategies because I have used the services of other signal providers and none comes close to his. His signals are so easy to understand and implement into your own trade and above all always correct and gives you profit. He can be reached by ([email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640) by anyone serious about making some real business off bitcoins and increasing their portfolio before the full swing bull run.

  • This is a really good show.

  • bitdiots

  • tokenized ticketing is indeed a thing. much more real than any fake panda wannabe …er …. wallaby … kangaroo. fluffypony_bot got the dubious distinction of being the first australian controlled bot at a crypto conference in nyc, kidnapped by a freely roaming south african equipped with a mic, camera crew and cnbc press pass. who knew blockchain media was so dangerous? #FreeFluffyPony

  • new 1 hour bitCore faucet like freebitcoin

  • What a load of SHIT

  • wow Fluffy!!!

  • what is wrong with these ppl? i'm medium term froggish- long term tunip-ish, with an alt-middle short-term bloop-ish

  • Who's the girl talking at 16:00

  • Sherman owns Bitcoin…

  • This was actually a good show

  • When it comes to crypto mining mike harry trading is the best

  • Who has got the time and money to travel around this planet hunting satoshi keys???

  • I want to get a robot Fluffy too 🙂

  • Not too long ago i began trading with a new broker I met here via YouTube, i have to say as much as there are scammers out there, there are also genuine and praise worthy account managers out there, skepticism most times is the first stumbling block to success. I have overcome mine, I now earn by trading with Mahmoud Abbas. He is truly the sort of person everyone should emulate. Discipline, punctuality and a no nonsense attitude. I have learned and earned so much from him. Everyone can be a part of this. Contact him today for questions on how to participate. Email: [email protected] com

  • 27.19 $Blockparty Boxx tokens. Still flying under the radar. Buy now and dont regret later

  • Entertaining as always Ran. Keep up the good work out there buddy 🤣

  • New global money that will free the worlds populations from a debt based, fractional reserve Federal Reserve scheme. Amazing global community coming together for freedom. Watch it happen right before your eyes, and wallets.

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