One other Bitcoin Mining Titan Dies & Russian Grandmas Are All in On Bitcoin

One other head rolls within the Bitcoin mining sport, Russian grandmas love Bitcoin, and is Bitcoin Money in bother?


Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Adjusts 10% Upwards For the First Time in Months

E-Commerce Giant DMM Quits Cryptocurrency Mining Business


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  • … here is the link…, also e-mailed the screenshot to your gmail address.

  • Lark, check out it is 4 p.m. on January 6th, 2019 in Germany) and Bitcoin is up 3419.44 %, currently at USD 136.543 !!?? No this is not a joke. Did they get hacked?? Huge miscalculation on the part of Marketwatch…., or are we seeing the future? No I am not drunk, high or going insane…. , I made a sceenshot. I can forward it to you. This would make a funny video. Best regards, Kerstin

  • Hey Lark. On BCH, I really think the name goes against them. They are attempting to gain exposure at US sports events, but what will the fans hear and remember? The word Bitcoin! Their advertising merely promotes their nemesis! There needs to be another fork so they change their name, because no matter what Roger Ver says within the crypto world, when the uninitiated hear Bitcoin Cash, they only hear Bitcoin.

  • Thanks lark! No notification for this video though

  • Just having a look through Etherscan. Noticed a guy with $68,000,000 in Tokens. That's probably nothing strange you say. However, he's got 200 Eth Tokens covered! 200! I thought I had too many projects covered at around 25. At least he's not putting all his eggs in one basket I suppose. Looks like he's got some real rubbish actually.

  • btrash is a sham scam

  • Great channel!!!!!!

  • Check out Singularitynet they are talking about launching Beta in february. they have a spin off company called singularity studio that is going to be a creating stuff to support the agi network and create AI products that help large scale companies. Lots of cool stuff happening with that company.

  • Thank you Lark, I lost lot of money on HashFlare I should have invested with babushkas 🙂

  • Hard time for a mining right now in my opinion. Only significant btc rise or difficulty drop can change the situation

  • All that 99% of the crowd heard was the word bitcoin. The cash part was irrelevant.

  • Mining will not be viable for anyone other than Grandma's in Russia until the Market comes back. Just my Three Satoshi's.

  • The motherland

  • hey…! son of benny hill, love your channel

  • The USA Dollar will die soon due to the HUGE dept… The digital money rule. Russia and Chine are the biggest miner…. BUY BTC, CRYPTS…

  • Lark you RACIST! 😡 they don't all say sayonara just because they're Japanese!!!

    JK jk lol

  • Should do an interview with your dad Jack Black…he is hilarious…cant believe how much you look like your dad 😉

  • Thanks, Lark, the “Mining Episode.” Interesting times indeed.

  • Thanks and great video.

  • 3am here in UK 😴…anyone know how to switch your brain off from thinking about Blockchain?

  • After watching this video…the question(s) is…How does this affect the price of crypto? Going forward this leaves me feeling that bitcoin is really just a store of value as it's not profitable to mine if prices drop n if prices rise, the lack of miners would slow down the network and fees will go up… so the adoption for BTC will be small because of this. Not saying it's bad…just looking forward, is this the outcome for BTC? It is the granddaddy so it's the main base currency to move into alts, so we will have an exchange usage.

  • Thanks Lark follow LARK ON TWITTER>>>>>>

  • You changed your hair.. I thought you straightened them or perhaps it was an old video..

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